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1973 Corvette Brochure

The original brochure for the 1973 Corvette stated, "We gave it radials, a quieter ride, guard beams and a nose job."   Like every new generation of Corvette this one has its own distinct appeal. This is one of most desirable cars ever built. Because when someone pulls up to a traffic light, heads turn. And when they pass a passerby, eyes follow. The 1973 Vet is that kind of car. 

 These articles are from publications that are long out of print. They are presented as a resource of historical information for Corvette enthusiasts. This site does not make any claim of ownership over their content and does not use nor endorse the use of the images for commercial gain.  Enjoy some of the images from advertisement's and photos below.

LIST OF .PDF Files of Articles

The following is a list of article from the early days featuring the 1973 Corvette. These articles contain good and bad reviews. Some of the authors were acceptant of the changes that were happening in the automobile industry while others were missing the ultra high performance era of the late 60's. These articles are in a PDF format. Just click on the links below to view them and enjoy.

Car and Driver | July '72

Corvette News | Oct/Nov '72

Car and Driver | Dec '72

Motor Trend | Jan. '73

Super Chevy | Spring '73

Car Craft | April '73

Road & Track | 1973

Speed & Supercar | Aug '73

High Performance Cars | Sep. '73

Keepin' Tract of Vettes | April '84

Corvette Fever | Aug '87

Classic & Sports Car | jan. '95


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